Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kickin' Back and Relaxin'....... NOT!!!

Some may be wondering if we are all OK over here in the middle of nowhere. Truth is we are all just fine, we have just been crazy busy with everything from Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping, to funerals and let's not forget, my "elf" gigs!!! We are all so excited about this time of year, it is such a great time to sit back and reflect upon all the wonderful things we are so blessed to have. Jacob and I are both so blessed to have come from such amazing families, I would not trade anything about the path my life has taken this far. I just want to give a big shout-out to both of our families, and say that we love you all for everything you do for us!!!

Well as the weather has turned colder on us, the boys have become a little stir-crazy. Not to worry though, it didn't take them long to think of something destructive to do. This, of course was Creeks idea. He thought it would be fun to see if he could ride the motorcycle down the lower flight of stairs! It entertained them for a while, gave them a few bumps and bruises after some pretty good crashes, but soon enough it turned into not enough of a challenge.

Sorry, I didn't change the direction of the pic, but you get the idea..
Cannon then came up with what w
e call "indoor sledding" but the lower flight of stairs was not long enough, nor would it get them going fast enough!!! In the picture they are kinda blurry, because they were going so fast.. It is so funny to watch them go, it never gets old. Although I must say, I am glad it finally snowed because my steps are getting hammered!

Last but not least, Chewy turned 5 on the 22nd, he is honestly the sweetest boy I have ever seen. He is so tender-heart ed, and he really truly cares for other people. I just am so grateful that we get to have him in our family. Cannon and Chewy think it is so great that they get to be the same age for a week. Anyway Chewy wanted a Batman cake, and I must say that I really did not think I could top the McQueen Cake, but I think this one turned out pretty awesome. At least that is what the boys kept telling me, they think I'm the "best cake maker in the whole world." All in all, life is GREAT, we are truly a blessed family, and I pray we will always remember that... Love you all, and hope your Holidays are wonderful!!!


Petersen Kids said...

What picture? I can't see any pictures! That's OK, I'm just glad you did a post!! Happy Birthday Chewy!!

Sharp Clan said...

What the crap are you doing up this late at night? Hold your horses, I made a mistake and published it without pics the first time, its obviously been a while.

Korie said...

So I was wondering if you were going to start taking orders to make cakes you should. Your kids are so cute I love the sledding indoors my kids would totally do that to. I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas.

Mist said...

I love sledding down the stairs. We use slick sleeping bags and someone always gets hurt. but it sure is a good time. Merry Christmas! Your kids are so cute!

Bandi Olsen said...

I thought that bike was for Christmas. Don't tell me you skim throught the Christmas gifts and wrangle one out for Chewy's birthday! Cute pics, and I could have told you it was Tweeky's idea to get going down fast. At my house Beda was jumping off the top bunk onto the floor and Cannon and Chewy would not, but Tweeky did! See ya tomorrow...Merry Christmas!

stormee said...

Bryd it has been awhile! I truly love the blogging world! I get to see everyone and their families. Yours are so cute!! Jabry is so tiny and pretty- she reminds me of MooMoo. Love ya and Merry Christmas!

Sitterud Family said...

I thought you said that your neighbor was making the batman cake??
Your kids really are kinda wild!!! I can't wait for them to teach my kids stuff. Also I can't wait for you to come to Christmas to spread some more germs.....oh wait, for once that is my kid:)
P.S. I was totally joking about the cake....you did a really good job!!

Allen Family said...

Hey Bryd-- no apologies necessary on the blogging delay...I just barely got back in the game after a major pause. Sometimes blogging just isn't numero uno for a sec! So, we're big on stair sledding too...I imagine your boys and Parker may just tear a roof off a house or something manly like that if they all got together! Let's make sure it's at your parents' house when we get them together...I think Uncle Boyd kinda goes for that stuff more than Aunt Nik! Although Aunt Nik fixes a much meaner pan of revel bars! I miss you, Bryd. Are you coming to Moab? loves, Jes