Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kickin' Back and Relaxin'....... NOT!!!

Some may be wondering if we are all OK over here in the middle of nowhere. Truth is we are all just fine, we have just been crazy busy with everything from Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping, to funerals and let's not forget, my "elf" gigs!!! We are all so excited about this time of year, it is such a great time to sit back and reflect upon all the wonderful things we are so blessed to have. Jacob and I are both so blessed to have come from such amazing families, I would not trade anything about the path my life has taken this far. I just want to give a big shout-out to both of our families, and say that we love you all for everything you do for us!!!

Well as the weather has turned colder on us, the boys have become a little stir-crazy. Not to worry though, it didn't take them long to think of something destructive to do. This, of course was Creeks idea. He thought it would be fun to see if he could ride the motorcycle down the lower flight of stairs! It entertained them for a while, gave them a few bumps and bruises after some pretty good crashes, but soon enough it turned into not enough of a challenge.

Sorry, I didn't change the direction of the pic, but you get the idea..
Cannon then came up with what w
e call "indoor sledding" but the lower flight of stairs was not long enough, nor would it get them going fast enough!!! In the picture they are kinda blurry, because they were going so fast.. It is so funny to watch them go, it never gets old. Although I must say, I am glad it finally snowed because my steps are getting hammered!

Last but not least, Chewy turned 5 on the 22nd, he is honestly the sweetest boy I have ever seen. He is so tender-heart ed, and he really truly cares for other people. I just am so grateful that we get to have him in our family. Cannon and Chewy think it is so great that they get to be the same age for a week. Anyway Chewy wanted a Batman cake, and I must say that I really did not think I could top the McQueen Cake, but I think this one turned out pretty awesome. At least that is what the boys kept telling me, they think I'm the "best cake maker in the whole world." All in all, life is GREAT, we are truly a blessed family, and I pray we will always remember that... Love you all, and hope your Holidays are wonderful!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween was so much fun this year. Cannon was so excited to be something scary, he loved to get his face painted on, which I hope is just a Halloween thing!! Chewy wanted to be "Black Spider-man", but settled for "Red." Creeker was a pirate, and he would not leave his make-up alone for nothing. Jabry was a pumpkin Thursday, the night of the Meadow Town party, but she was sick Halloween night so she did not dress up. Anyway I must say, although we all had a blast this year, I am glad it is over!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Moose What???

There is a term that we use in our family that not a lot of you may understand. So, I would like to use this post to explain just exactly what "Moose Knuckles" really means.
I'm sure you have all seen the person, ( I forgot to mention that only guys can have Moose Knuckles), that wears their pants up a little to high!! Come on, don't act like you have never noticed. Well when that happens, a little to much of their "personals" end up showing and the result is the dreaded "Moose Knucks". Ok, so that is it, that is what our family has penned as "Moose Knuckles." I'm sorry if that is a little to graphic for some of you, but I am doing this post mostly for my kids. Mainly my boys, because they are notorious for having "Moosies". A couple of weeks ago we were over to my mom and dads, and the kids were dressing up in different Halloween costumes. Well Creek wanted to be the "Hulk" costume, which happen to be a couple years old. This making the costume little to small, the result......"Moose Knuckles!!!!! In this case, Brink called them "Mini Moose."
Whats funny is that the ones with the Moose Knuckles probably never know they have them, it's the rest of us that has to deal with them...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Man Tag....

My Man Tag......I know this tag went around awhile ago!
What is your husbands name? Jacob Lance Sharp
How long have you guys been married? just about 7 years
How long did you date? 11 months
How old is he? 30
Who eats more sweets? me, but he has more cavities. (I know that was not part of the question.)
Who said I love you first? he did, I remember his heart was just about to beat right out of his chest. It was too cute!
Who is taller? he is.
Who can sing the best? tie, I'm just braver.
Who is smarter? Hi!! he is an engineer, I'm a beautician... Need I say more.
Who does the laundry? me
Who pays the bills? me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?he does
Who mows the lawn? I used to until we put in our back lawn, it's a little to much without a self-propelled mower.
Who cooks dinner? mostly me, unless I have hair appointments.
Who drives? he does. (although I don't know why I still have him drive, the Sharps are not known for their good driving.)
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? usually him.
Who kissed who first? he moved in for the kiss first, and needless to say I did not turn my head.
Who asked who out first?he asked me out.
Who wears the pants? we each take a leg.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What? Our life in one post???

Ok, so this "blogging stuff" is just a little to much pressure for me. I see all of these other blogs and they are all so cute and poemy, and soo funny. So I will try my best to keep my blog interesting, but I have never been a big writer. Wait, I take that back, once in high school I wrote a paper on Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones that I thought was pretty good, but apparently it wasn't. My sisters still make fun of me for that. As a matter of fact, Brooke still pulls it out of her "folder of funnies" just to entertain her guests. I personally think she keeps it as a reference for her own writing skills. Sorry Mom, you probably thought she got that talent from you!!!

Well , on with our life here in Meadow, Utah..
I will give a quick overview of our life so far this year.. We have had a few firsts take place amongst our fam. First of all this really is my first official entry into my own blog.( Thanks to Bit for setting my blog up.) And for getting the sisters fired up about who really is the prettiest.(Do we really need to go there? I thought that was already settled.)
To start off the year we had Jabry's first birthday!! I cant believe how time flies, I guess its hard to believe she is already 20 months old, probably because she still looks like she is only about 10. She sure is a tiny little thing, but that doesn't seem to stop her from picking fights with the boys. She definitely has her moms attitude.
Another first the boys had was an ice fishing trip. Yikes, I was so worried the whole day that one of them would fall in a fishing hole. Jacob assured me that the holes were only about 6inches wide, and I said " so was the well hole that little girl fell in that one time about 15 years ago back east somewhere." I think her name was Baby Jessica. I don't know if anybody remembers that , but those are the types of things that went through my mind, when I sent my three little boys (that can't seem to hold still for more than 5 seconds) to an ice covered lake with holes drilled all over it. Any way as you can see they loved it, yes they were cold, but they thought fishing in the snow was pretty awesome.
Next was my 30th birthday, yes that was my first, but that was not the only first of the day. As you can see, Jacob was in charge of the cake, and I think that was the first time that a bathtub toy was doubled as a cake topper. Thanks for trying Babe, I loved it!
One of the best parts of the summer was our first experience in T-ball. Jacob and I were the coaches, and I don't know when we will learn that when you are the coach, your kid is less likely to listen to what you say, than if you were just sitting on the bleachers.. Oh well, it was worth it. As you can see Creeker was the bat-boy and thought he was the best one ever!! We had a hard time keeping him off the field, he wanted to play so bad. Truth is he probably could have done just as good as most the kids out there, and he is half their age.( he's kind of our go-getter')
This summer we also planted grass in part of our back yard. It sure is nice for keeping my floors cleaner, but the boys would much rather have all those dirt hills back.
Chewy also learned this summer how to ride without trainers for the first time. He was doing so great, he couldn't stop himself very well but that didn't seem to really be a problem, until he came up on a bridge a couple of weeks ago. Cannon, Chewy and Tweeky had taken off ahead of us on their bikes to go throw rocks off the bridge, and as Chewy got a little closer and realized that the road dropped off, he tried to stop himself but was a little to late. As he went off the road he reached over and grabbed a bench that was there just as his bike went flying off the bridge. Luckily Cannon had already jumped up onto the bench and was holding on to Chewy as he was hanging there. When we finally got to him a second or two later he was shaking so bad. His little arms were scraped from his armpits to his wrists, and his poor little chin got the worst of it. He's been a little apprehensive around bridges and ditches, which there are a lot of here in Meadow, but the other day as we were out for a ride he said, "Mom, I think I'm just about not scared of ditches anymore."
This year was also a year I have been dreading for the past five years. Cannon had his first day of Kindergarten!!! He was so excited to go and I tried to be as well, but the night before school started I was going through all the rules about being nice, listening to your teacher, making sure to wipe your bumm, and please wash your hands after, and that he had to tell me everything about what happened at school. So after we got done with the rules, I remembered a couple of books that my mom gave us girls a few years ago. They are called "The Kissing Hand", and "Pocket full of Kisses." Yeah sure they get me a little teary-eyed every time I read them but its a whole new ballgame when your sending your own baby off to school. Needless to say, I sobbed my way through the two books and sent them off to bed, I on the other hand could not sleep. I sat there wondering if I had taught Cannon enough about what is right and wrong, had I given him enough confidence to help him make the right choices. Would he be strong enough to be a leader and not a follower. I was a mess, and I know its only Kindergarten and that the pressures will get a lot worse. But I actually started to second guess if I had done enough to get him ready for the "Real World." Anyway, he seems to be loving school, and his friends, and even the work. So, I guess time will tell.
Well lately Jabry has really started taken an interest in me, and the whole "girl stuff". She really loves to watch me get ready and fixing my hair and putting on my make-up are two of the most fascinating things to her. So I guess it shouldn't have surprised me to find that she had attempted her first make-over. Not bad for the first time!
For Labor Day this year we went on our first camping trip in our new tent. It was a blast, we all went fishing and each caught some, though I must say for the record mine was the biggest, and Jacobs was the littlest. (It's ok babe!) The boys loved it, although while at the fishing hole we had a crazy encounter when I looked up to see a bear walking around the fishing in the same direction as the boys were walking!! Yes, it was a real life full size bear.. The first one I or Jacob had ever seen in the wild. It did not seem aggressive at all, and just seemed to be minding his own business even with all the commotion. It was crazy. The worst part of it was, is that we had just slept in a tent with our kids the night before less than a mile away! Anyway to make a long story short, we are know in the market for a camp trailer!!
Well with all of the happy, scary, and sad experiences that we have had this year, you would think we have had a pretty full year. But there is one more "first" that our family experienced this year. The first time we almost lost a child. June 28th Jacob pulled our little Creeker off of the bottom of Brookes 9 1/2 feet deep swimming pool. Jacob was roasting hot dogs with the boys just 10 feet away when Brans, Brookes little boy told Jacob that Creek was on the bottom of the pool. Jacob then dove in and grabbed Creek's lifeless body out of the water. The thoughts that go through your mind are indescribable, when you hear that your child has drowned, you think you'll do a little CPR and he'll cough it right up. But we found out the real way that's not how drowning works. Creek went from blue to navy blue right in front of our eyes, he was not breathing, had no pulse, he was literally slipping away right in front of our eyes. Jacob stayed with him the whole time the paramedics were working on him, he gave Creek a blessing and I don't think he ever doubted that Creek would not make it. I on the other hand have seen the glaze of the lifeless eyes, and now I was seeing it in my own sons. I lost it and was not able to stay to close . As the minutes seemed to roll on nothing was happening. Creek was getting breaths in to him, but his heart would not start beating. Until what seemed like forever, Jacob finally came over to me, he grabbed me and said what I will never forget. He said, "Babe, I felt his heart beat with my own hand." Well, they finally got him breathing a little on his own, and life flighted him up to Primary Children's. Brooke drove us to the hospital and we prayed the whole way. Jacob kept saying if anyone can make it, it's Creek. I knew that was true, he has always been our little fighter. Well I don't need to go into all the details of what we went through those 3 days in the hospital, but it was quite the experience. Our little Creeker fought for his life and he got it!! I am so grateful for the experience, I truly look at each day we have with each other here on earth as an amazing blessing. I am grateful Our Heavenly Father let us keep him for now, and we pray everyday for the strength to endure any other trials, or experiences that may come our way. We will never deny that Miracles truly do happen, for we know that we were definitely blessed with one. I just want to let everyone know how much we love you and thank-you for carrying us through that. We could not have done it without you all.
Ok just for the record, not all of my entries will be this long. Sorry!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Creek's 3......Yikes!

Alright my sister's have finally talked me into it......I joined the blog family! Today is Creek's Birthday and we had a blast! I made this cake......I know I am amazing! Bit taught me all I know about cakes....... and life and dressing "cool". She is the prettiest of all my sisters. Thanks Bit I wish you lived in Utah still! So anyway, Creek loved opening presents of course.....He also loves getting stuff in the mail! Thanks to everyone for your calls. Happy Birthday Creek we love you!